Forex 4 You Review – A Forex Trading Book Review

Forex 4 You Review – Forex Currency Trading is a book written by Michael Lewis. The book is geared towards those who are new to trading and has very good information on how to make the most of your money in forex trading.

When I first saw this Forex trading book, I was disappointed that it was so similar to another book, The Big Short, which is also written by the same author. After reading the book and reviewing all of its contents, I found out that these books have similar themes, including the importance of having a system to guide you.

In Forex 4 You Review, Michael Lewis explains to us how he came up with his forex trading system. He states that he had to put down his job for several months to spend time learning from different forex experts in the forex industry. While he did this, he created his own system and set out to use it for five years, until he decided to go public.

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The book is full of important information about how to make money trading in forex. It gives us some good strategies as well as some basic strategies that will help us in day trading.

Forex 4 You Review?

The book focuses on the four different currencies, which are used in forex trading, such as the US dollar, the British pound, the euro and the Japanese yen. It explains how these currencies are related and how each one affects the other. It explains how you can profit when buying one currency and selling another one which can increase your profits.

This is a great book to get when you’re starting out in forex trading. If you already have experience in forex trading then this book will be of great help. I am not sure if I would recommend this to someone who is just getting started though because it could be overwhelming and too technical for them to handle.

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One thing that I liked about this Forex trading book was that it gave you all of the tools and software that you need to succeed in trading. It also covers things such as risk management, leverage and the market psychology. I do not know why there aren’t more forex ebooks like this.

Forex trading is extremely exciting. It involves a lot of risk but it can give you an incredible amount of money if you know how to manage it properly. If you want to learn about forex, you should definitely check out this Forex trading book.

If you are interested in learning more about the different types of forex, there are many books available. You can find some online at various book stores, libraries or even at your local bookstore. If you are interested in learning forex, then this book may interest you.

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